Invitation to tender for the project ‘Agents of Change workshops LaMiLo’

by Editor on March 20, 2013


Eco2city is partner in the InterregIVB project LaMiLo (Last Mile Logistics). This is an international project in which diverse partners from MWE (North West Europe) work together on sustainable and optimized logistic solutions for the last and the first mile.

In the Netherlands Eco2city has been working for 5 years on the goal of reducing (inefficient) freight traffic. Amongst others, Eco2city has developed the concept of Binnenstadservice.

One of the actions in the project LaMiLo is ‘behavioral change of target groeps’:

Agents of Change workshops and ‘White Van drivers’ sessions

This Action will enable the project partners to understand current behavior and practices within the private and public sectors and at customer and end user levels. It will identify what is needed to influence and change behavior in order to improve last mile logistics operations. We will influence the behavior and thinking of the private sector through a series of ‘Agents for Change’ workshops.

Concrete task 1: to deliver 5 Agents4Change workshops aimed at public sector, private sector and end-users. Key participants to provide their insights to illustrate how behavior changes can be delivered.

Concrete task 2: to deliver “White Van drivers” sessions. Direct dialogue because 60% of urban delivery is done by single van operators. The intentions of the sessions is to reach out to deliverers and understand their day-to-day challenges and frustrations and to listen to their suggestions



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